• Basilica of Guadalupe

  • Toluca

  • Cradle of Muralism

  • Palace of Fine Arts

  • National Museum of Anthropology

  • Diego Rivera Studio-Home

  • Fresh Fruits at Local Markets

  • National Palace

  • Taxco

  • Toluca

  • Chapultepec Castle

  • Xochicalco

  • Xochimilco

  • Teotihuacan

  • The National University (UNAM)

  • Tula Archaeological Zone

Mexico City is a cosmopolitan megalopolis which combines the past, the present and the future seamlessly.  It is a sophisticated city, embodying all different styles of architecture, cuisines and sight-seeing opportunities.  In fact, the sheer number of venues may seem overwhelming.  Let us help you plan your time here.  Check out our extensive array of anthropological, historical and walking tours. We'd love to share our knowledge of and passion for this amazing urban center with you.

Our in-depth guided tours provide outstanding value, since we offer you a serious explanation of the many facets of Mexico's rich, complex culture and can help you optimize your time.  You name it - art, architecture, food, handicrafts, history, archaeology or the idiosyncrasies of this crazy, chaotic capital city - we will help you make sense of it.  We offer a wide alternative of activities and are happy to work with you to customize your time with us depending on your particular needs and interests.

All the photos displayed on this site were taken by us during our treks.  We want to share the visual beauty of this amazing country with you, so enjoy them, but please give us credit if you decide to use them.

We are a small, concierge-style service catering to locals as well as international visitors.  We are happy to accommodate individuals, families, educational institutions, corporations and embassies.  We work with groups as small as one or as large as 75.  Look no further!  Let us help you create a customized private experience for you!

Mexico city tours

Outside CDMX


Understand Mexico offers a wide array of colorful, dynamic Power Point presentations, conferences and informal talks on sundry topics related to Mexico and the many cultures it houses. Subjects include historic, ethnographic and regional interests to name a few.  Day of the Dead Festivities, Painted Walls: Mexico’s Modern Muralist Movement, Mexico City’s Signature Museums, Prehispanic Cultures, the Indigenous People of Mexico and Nimble Fingers: The Handmade Crafts of Mexico are just a few examples of the wide variety of topics we can elaborate upon. Intercultural briefings and introduction to life in Mexico for ex-pats are another one of our specialties.  We have experience giving talks remotely using video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.


Frequently requested topics include:

  • Welcome to Mexico: Changing “Why” to “Wow!”
  • 101 Reasons to Love Mexico
  • Gift of the Gods: Native Food from Mexico (From Pre-Hispanic Times to Today)
  • Painted Walls: Mexico’s Modern Muralist Movement
  • Remarkable Mexican Women
  • Magical Neighborhoods: A Virtual Tour of Mexico City’s Barrios Magicos
  • Mexico’s Magical Towns
  • Prehispanic Mexico City
  • Diego Rivera: Master Muralist, Painter and Latin Lover
  • Frida Kahlo: The Woman Behind the Pain
  • The Indigenous People of Mexico
  • Nimble Fingers: The Handmade Crafts of Mexico
  • Legends of Love: Legendary Love Stories in Mexico
  • The Armchair Traveler: Mexico City’s Signature Museums
  • Mexico City’s Secret Museums
  • The Written Word Before Columbus: Interpreting Prehispanic Glyphs
  • Mexico’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites: A Virtual Tour
  • The Maya People: An Enigma
  • Prehispanic Beliefs: Gods, Myths and Rites
  • Antonieta Rivas Mercado:  A Woman Before Her Time
  • The Aztec World: Who Were the Mexicas and Where Did They Go?
  • Let’s Celebrate! All About Mexico’s Holidays
  • Day of the Dead Festivities: What’s It All About?
  • Piñatas, Posadas and Pastorelas: How Mexico Celebrates Christmas


Historical Topics (can be given given individually or as a series)

  • I.    Mesoamerica – Mexico Before the Conquest
  • II.   The Conquest of Mexico: Sorting Fact from Fiction
  • III.  300 Years of Mexican History Erased (Or Who Ruled Mexico from 1521-1821)
  • IV.  Shaping a Nation I: Mexico’s Independence from Spain
  • V.   Shaping a Nation II:  The Creation of Modern Mexico
  • VI.  The Empire that Changed Mexican History (Maximilian and Charlotte: Mexico’s Second Empire Gone Array)
  • VII.  Porfirio Díaz: Dictator or Hero?
  • VIII. Contemporary Mexico (XX and XXI Century)