• Basilica of Guadalupe

  • Toluca

  • Cradle of Muralism

  • Palace of Fine Arts

  • National Museum of Anthropology

  • Diego Rivera Studio-Home

  • Fresh Fruits at Local Markets

  • National Palace

  • Taxco

  • Toluca

  • Chapultepec Castle

  • Xochicalco

  • Xochimilco

  • Teotihuacan

  • The National University (UNAM)

  • Tula Archaeological Zone

LIFE CHANGED DRAMATICALLY AROUND THE WORLD AS OF MARCH 2020, forcing us to stop giving tours cold turkey. Many stellar venues remain closed in and around Mexico due to the COVID pandemic (or open and close intermittently as cases surge among museum employees), so we have transitioned into offering a wide array of Zoom PowerPoint talks. Join us for one of our dynamic, colorful, fast-paced two-hour session and travel virtually throughout Mexico with us.  We visit museums, talk about anthropology, history and art in Mexico.  In fact, we are able to cover much more territory virtually than we ever could in person.  Consider traveling and exploring Mexico with us from the safety of your home! You can get updates on our weekly talks by subscribing to our newsletter here.

We have a morning and afternoon schedule (Mondays 11 am to 1 pm CDM OR Tuesdays 6 pm to 8 pm CDM) Mexico City time. All talks are live.

Check our offerings by clicking on the calendar button above, or sign up for our weekly newsletter.  We'd love to see you virtually!


Mexico city tours

Outside CDMX


Understand Mexico offers a wide array of colorful, dynamic PowerPoint presentations, conferences and informal talks on sundry topics related to Mexico. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico, the American School Foundation, The International Women’s Club of Mexico (Formerly Newcomers’ Club) and The Ebell of Los Angeles are among our clients.  As COVID has changed our daily lives and rewritten travel rules, we have shifted our attention from offering museum and walking tours to providing weekly talks on Mexican history, anthropology and virtual tours.  Painted Walls: Mexico’s Modern Muralist Movement, Mexico City’s Signature Museums, Prehispanic Cultures, the Indigenous People of Mexico, Magical Neighborhoods, Magical Towns, Nimble Fingers: The Handmade Crafts of Mexico and Day of the Dead are but a few of our recent talks. Intercultural briefings and introduction to life in Mexico for ex-pats are another of our specialties.  Our favorite video-conferencing platform is Zoom.  Check out our calendar for weekly updates or subscribe to our weekly newsletter by clicking here.

Among our most requested talks:

  • Welcome to Mexico: Changing “Why” to “Wow!”
  • Random Reasons to Love Mexico (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • Gift of the Gods: Native Food of Mexico (From Pre-Hispanic Times to Today)
  • Painted Walls: Mexico’s Modern Muralist Movement
  • Remarkable Mexican Women
  • Magical Neighborhoods: A Virtual Tour of Mexico City’s Barrios Magicos
  • Enchanting Magical Towns
  • City of the Eagle and the Serpent: Prehispanic Mexico City
  • Diego Rivera: Master Muralist and Latin Lover
  • Frida Kahlo: The Woman Behind the Pain
  • The Indigenous People of Mexico
  • Nimble Fingers: The Handmade Crafts of Mexico
  • Legends of Love: Untold Love Stories in Mexico
  • Signature Museums of Mexico: An Armchair Tour
  • Secret Museums of Mexico:  An Armchair Tour
  • The Written Word Before Columbus: Interpreting Prehispanic Glyphs
  • Mexico’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites: A Virtual Tour
  • The Maya People: An Enigma
  • Prehispanic Beliefs: Gods, Myths and Rites
  • Antonieta Rivas Mercado:  A Woman Before Her Time
  • The Aztec World: Who Were the Mexicas and Where Did They Go?
  • Let’s Celebrate! All About Mexico’s Holidays
  • Day of the Dead Festivities: What’s It All About?
  • Piñatas, Posadas and Pastorelas: How Mexico Celebrates Christmas
  • The Charms of Chiapas (An Armchair Tour)
  • Mexico’s Mother: Tonantzin Guadalupe – a Visit to the Basilica of Guadalupe
  • The National Museum of Anthropology:  A Stellar Venue


Historical Topics (can be given given individually or as a series)

  • I.    Mesoamerica – Mexico Before the Conquest
  • II.   The Conquest of Mexico: Sorting Fact from Fiction
  • III.  300 Years of Mexican History Erased (1521-1821)
  • IV.  Shaping a Nation I: Breaking the Chains from Spain
  • V.   Shaping a Nation II:  Forging Modern Mexico
  • VI.  Maximilian and His Castle: Mexico’s Second Empire Gone Awry
  • VII.  Porfirio Díaz: Dictator or Hero?
  • VIII. Contemporary Mexico (XX and XXI Century)