Downtown Walking Tour of Moneda Street

Moneda Street, just off the Zocalo, is home to sundry sites of interest.  We begin our walk at the National University’s newest museum-cultural center – UNAM Hoy, before heading over to what was once the home of Mexico’s archbishop. Built on top of an ancient pyramid – visible today thanks to the government’s Archaeological Window Program – the Treasury Ministry has converted this colonial building into an eclectic art museum housing all sorts of artwork donated to its in-kind tax program.  From there, we’ll stop at the Museum of World Cultures, originally a Spanish mint, today a surprisingly comprehensive museum showcasing the history and artwork of various cultures around the world.  We will also check out what is showing at the Santa Teresa la Antigua Convent which is now host to experimental and installational art exhibits, the site where the first printing press to arrive to the New World was set up, the Santa Ines Church and its nunnery, converted into an art museum which displays the controversial works of recently deceased painter Jose Luis Cuevas.  Along this route we will also take in the original San Carlos Academy of Arts (where Diego Rivera studied and later became director).

You will be surprised at the number of fascinating cultural venues there are along just a few city blocks during this 3 hour walking tour.