Tula is an amazing ancient prehispanic site, about an hour’s drive from Mexico City.  It is believed to be where the Teotihuacanos migrated after they left the enormous complex of Teotihuacan.  This ceremonial center is famous for its 4.6 meter tall Toltec warrior columns, its Chacmool (reclining figures carved out of volcanic stone with an offering bowl or dish on their stomachs), an impressive wall of bas-relief etchings and 3 rooms filled with columns and pillars (reflecting a marked similarity to the contemporary city of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula). Tula also boasts two ball court, an on-site museums and stunning semi-arid vegetation.

During our 3 hour tour of this important archaeological site, we will explore the pyramids, see the enigmatic stone columns (believed to be Guardians of the Morning Star of Venus), two ball courts, stone carvings lining the pyramid walls and benches, and the museums.  Transportation can be arranged if necessary.