Xochicalco is a Nahuatl word meaning “in the house of flowers,” and flowers do abound in the zone despite its arid climate. Anthropologists speculate that this well-planned fortified city was situated on the top of a hill due to the political instability of Mesoamerica when it was built between 650 and 900 A.D.

The archaeological Xochicalco has an important prehispanic astronomic observatory. We will visit the on-site museum as well as

The archaeological zone is quite extensive.  Excavated structures include an acropolis, a granary, a temazcal (round sweat lodge), a sunken patio, and ball courts. It also has a well-studied prehispanic astronomical observatory.  One of the pyramids is covered in impressive bas-relief stone slabs with carved images of a feathered serpent and the Lords of Time, a mixture of Maya and Teotihuacan style art.

This archaeological zone is unique and well worth a visit for anthropology buffs.