Xochicalco is a Nahuatl word meaning “in the house of flowers,” and flowers do abound in the zone despite its arid climate. Anthropologists speculate that this well-planned fortified city was situated on the top of a hill due to the political instability of Mesoamerica when it was built between 650 and 900 A.D.

The archaeological zone is quite extensive.  Excavated structures include an acropolis, a granary, a temazcal (round sweat lodge), a sunken patio, and ball courts. It also has a well-studied prehispanic astronomical observatory.  One of the pyramids is covered in impressive bas-relief stone slabs with carved images of a feathered serpent and the Lords of Time, a mixture of Maya and Teotihuacan style art.  We will enter the astronomic observatory as well as the pristine on-site museum.  Once you visit this site you will understand why it is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Transportation can be arranged if necessary.