National Museum of Anthropology

Considered one of the top ten museums in the world, the National Museum of Anthropology traces the history of the ancient peoples of Mexico through its extensive collection divided into 5 major areas. Here, you can begin to grasp the complexity of the ancient cultures that inhabited this territory prior to the arrival of the Spaniards.

Our visit will cover the entire ground floor of the museum.

Half the collection is dedicated to the central highlands of Mexico, including original artifacts from the ruins of Teotihuacan, Cacaxtla, Xochicalco, Tula and Mexico-Tenochtitlan.  This visit also includes an extensive explanation of the zones of Oaxaca (the Zapotecs and Mixtecs), the Gulf Coast (Olmecs, Tarascans and Remojados culture), Mayan civilization and the Northwestern cultures of Mesoamerica.

Highlights of this tour include the Sun Stone (often referred to as the Aztec Calendar), two colossal Olmec heads from the Gulf Coast, a reproduction of King Pakal’s tomb as well as the original contents of the sarcophagus (in Palenque) as well as literally thousands of original prehispanic relics spanning thousands of years.

This comprehensive 3 hour tour will give you an overview of the cultures that populated Mexico prior to the arrival of the Europeans, as well as the opportunity to ask all the questions you want related to Mexican anthropology!  This is a fun, dynamic and all-encompassing visit.