Deemed the City of Eternal Springtime, Cuernavaca has always been and continues to be a favorite hideaway for locals and foreigners. Even Hernan Cortes considered this one of his favorite spots. Great sites to visit include the Palace of Cortes which dates back to 1522, today the Cuauhnahauc Museum which displays a comprehensive collection of prehispanic pieces from the surrounding area, as well as a series of famous murals painted by renown artist Diego Rivera, the Robert Brady Museum, home of the late eccentric American art collector, and the impressive fortress-like Cathedral, complete with an open chapel dating back to the XVI century and a mural commemorating Mexico’s first saint, Philip of Jesus. The nearby Borda Gardens, established by wealthy silver miner Jose de la Borda, are an oasis in the middle of downtown, alluding to Mexico’s vast wealth amassed under the Spanish crown.

This tour takes approximately 3 hours plus travel time.