Museum of Interventions

Hidden in the south of the city is an enormous Dieguino convent which has been converted into a museum, showcases two very different moments in its history. Built by a group of Franciscan friars, their kitchen, refectory (dining room), sacristy, orchard and pilgrims vestibule have been reproduced to give you a sense of what the monastery looked like.   Archaeological windows attest to the original function of this building.  Yet, the majority of its space is dedicated to the memory of the many military attacks Mexico has faced against the Spanish, the French, the Americans (in 1846 and 1914), the War of Independence and the Revolution. In fact, this was the site of a major battle fought during the Mexican-American War, as the bullet-riddled facade proves. This lesser visited museum is eclectic, housing both viceregal sculpture, s19th century paintings and contemporary art. It is much more interesting than its name would lead you to believe!  A  must for history buffs.