The Cradle of Muralism

Much has been written about the Mexican Muralist Movement, but few people have witnessed where it actually began.  This guided walking tour traces the path of where where this art form was established in Mexico, beginning with the very first modern mural that kicked off the movement.  We will trace Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros’s very first attempt with different mural techniques, as well as early works by Jose Clemente Orozco, Ramon Alva de la Canal, Fernando Leal and others.

Perhaps, the most impressive stop on this downtown walking tour is an obscure market built in the 30s – at the height of the movement – where 10 of Rivera’s students (including 3 Americans and 1 Japanese) tried their hand at this art form under the guidance of the master, voicing their protests against racism, capitalism, fascism and Nazism!

Join us for a glimpse into the making of an art form!  If you are a muralist fan, this is an exceptional tour you won’t want to miss!