Templo Mayor

Remnants of the Templo Mayor, the principal pyramid of the Mexica Empire still
stand in the heart of downtown (just off the Zocalo). This mysterious space
will transport you back to the past, as we witness layers of prehispanic ruins,
Spanish colonial vestiges and the bustling contemporary city around it.

We will literally walk through the uncovered structure, viewing layer upon layer of
original walls and visit the impressive on-site museum which houses both a temporary and permanent display of objects found during the various excavation periods of this archaeological zone.  Highlights include two stellar monoliths: Coyolxauhqui (the carved stone of the Moon Goddess which sparked the entire project back in 1976) and Tlaltecuhtli (discovered buried in 2006).

This amazing spot is a must-see in order to understand pre-Colombian civilizations as well as the conquest of Mexico.
We will spend approximately 3 hours at the archaeological site and museum, giving you a comprehensive overview of prehispanic Mexico and the people who established themselves here.