Shopping Tours

Mexico is a shopper’s paradise! You name it – art, handicrafts, jewelry, sculptures, textiles – you can find it in Mexico at an accessible price.  We’ll help you comb the local markets in search of embroidered blouses, handwoven rugs, tablecloths, handcrafted silver and gold jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, cuff links), glazed ceramics (lead-free Talavera pottery, typical flower pots, Oaxacan black pottery), baskets, etc. We can arrange tours of on-site workshops ranging from Indian-run coops that work obsidian and onyx to floor loom weavers that specialize in rebozo shawls.

And don’t forget the local, contemporary art scene of up-and-coming modern artists – drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture and jewelry.  Mexico is a haven for collectors.  We can arrange private showings in galleries and artists’ ateliers as well.

Obviously, the length of this tour varies – depending on your interests and the sites selected.