Downtown Walking Tour of Madero Street

Madero is the first pedestrian walkway to be inaugurated downtown Mexico City and has become the home of many beloved (and a few secret) venues! Up to half a million people walk along this very busy street on any given day of the week (NO, I am not exaggerating – look it up to confirm the numbers!).  We will walk along Madero Street, narrating the history of the area – giving you a glimpse into the layout of the city, its architecture and art, making dozens of stops  in churches, murals, ex-Palaces, restaurants, museums, hotels, posh shops, etc., orienting you on what this UNESCO-recognized zone has to offer, ending in the newly re-inaugurated Zocalo. Join us for an unforgettable walk through this main artery of downtown!

This leisurely tour will last about 3 hours.