Real (Mineral) del Monte

Hidalgo State is known historically for its rich mining reserves, particularly silver. Exploited for hundreds of years by the Spanish, eventually a group of British miners migrated from Cornwall, England to introduce new technology to the industry.  They left their mark by introducing both soccer and pasties (a meat pie or turnover that was easy for them to take down into the mines for lunch) into Mexico.

Real del Monte has been classified a Magical Town by the federal government given its quaint setting. We will visit a mine-museum and the British cemetery where the migrant workers were laid to rest in Mexico.  Before we head over to the Basaltic Prisms – a  natural wonder – we will stop at the Pasty Museum to taste the empanadas -originally imported from England but today stuffed with Mexican fillings such as mole and chile strips.

The Basaltic Prisms, 150-feet-tall columns that were formed millions of years ago when a lava explosion came into contact with the cold waters of the river in the Santa Maria Regla Gorge/Gully are quite impressive. The only other site comparable to this in the world is a similar formation in Northern Ireland.

This is a day trip.  We can arrange transportation if necessary.