San Angel Walking Tour

This picturesque southern neighborhood, originally considered a separate town, has slowly been enveloped by the city, yet San Angel still retains a quaint charm as reflected by its colonial mansions and many churches. We begin at the Carmelite Church and ex-Monastery which gives San Angel its name, originally the headquarters of the Discalzed Order, today a spectacular museum housing religious art work and a unique collection of authentic mummies.

We will stroll the quaint cobblestone streets, heading over to the San Jacinto Plaza (sit of the Bazaar Sabado handicraft market held every Saturday), taking in the gracious old summer homes of the upper class built in a previous epoch, stopping at the Isidro Favela Cultural Center (with houses Mexico’s most
photographed fountain), checking out a few upscale shops, ending our walk at a hipster urban market (perfect for lunch!).

This walking tour lasts about 3 hours.