Cholula and Tonantzintla

Imagine walking inside the world’s largest pyramid in Cholula (Cheops in Egypt is second in size, Teotihuacan is third)! The structure is so massive that there is a church on top of it, making it resembles a large hill overgrown with grass and shrubs from a distance. Anthropologists have dug tunnels throughout the ruins, which gives you the opportunity to glimpse at the several superimposed structures from the inside. It is truly a unique experience!

Aside from visiting the archaeological zone and the on-site museum, we will make a detour to Santa Maria Tonantzintla to witness unique, emblematic syncretic art work at its best.  In the 1700s, local Indians were invited by Christian priests to decorate the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The outcome is a unique, exquisitely ornate baroque church like none other in Mexico – with angels wearing feathered headdresses and intricate embedded Mesoamerican symbols.

This tour takes all day, considering travel time.