Cholula and Tonantzintla

Walk inside the Mexico’s largest pyramid in Cholula, a structure so massive that there is a church built on top of the pyramid.  It actually looks like a big hill overgrown with grass and shrubs. Anthropologists have dug tunnels throughout the ruins, which you can walk through to experience the many superimposed structures inside. A unique experience!

We will stop at the nearby on-site museum following our visit to the archeological zone, before heading over to two small temples:  San Francisco Acatepec and Santa Maria Tonantzintla.  One of the best examples of popular baroque art: local Indians were invited by Christian priests in the 1700s to decorate the church, the outcome is an exquisitely ornate baroque church like no other in all of Mexico – angels wearing feathered headdresses, and intricate embedded Mesoamerican symbols decorating this the walls of these churches.  A perfect example of syncretic art fostered by early evangelists.  An unforgettable day!


This is a day trip, given that Cholula is approximately 2 hours away from Mexico City.  If you need, we can arrange transportation to and from the site.