Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Routes

If you are a Diego or Frida fan, there are literally dozens of venues to chose from to get a glimpse into what their private spaces were like, as well as the art work they left for posterity.

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo lived in Mexico City when they were not traveling. Diego was prolific in his fresco mural production as well as his easel paintings. Most of his murals are concentrated downtown Mexico City (the National Palace, San Ildefonso Museum – where the two artists met for the first time, the Ministry of Public Education, the Palace of Fine Arts and his Mural Museum in the Alameda Park). Diego’s easel paintings are scattered among several museums in Mexico City (mainly the Dolores Olmedo Museum, the Museum of Art or MUNAL, and the Museum of Modern Art). Then, there is his emblematic Studio-Home which has been converted into a museum in San Angel, where you can see his atelier, complete with brushes and palates as he left them.

If you are interested in viewing his murals in Cuernavaca or Chapingo, we can arrange a day trip.

The Blue House in Coyoacan is where Frida grew up and rendezvoused with famous people of her time. Her home is now a museum showcasing an interesting array of her artwork and personal belongings.  And of course, the Dolores Olmedo Museum houses an extensive collection of her paintings as well.

Mexico City is Diego-Frida territory!  We can arrange for a variety of routes including their homes, studios, easel paintings and murals – depending on what you are interested in seeing.