Franz Mayer Museum and Surrounding Square

Tucked away behind the Palace of Fine Arts Museum, the lesser-visited Franz Mayer Museum is full of decorative arts treasures dating back to when Mexico was part of the Spanish monarchy.

The private collection amassed by German banker Franz Mayer, is deemed the most important collection of decorative arts in all of Latin America.  We’ll take a stroll back in time as we glimpse at the collection of furniture, paintings, silver objects, ceramics and textiles he amassed during his time in Mexico, which he willed to the Mexican people on his death.

We will also explore the two churches and neighboring Engraving Museum also on the plaza – the Plaza of the Holy Cross (built in the 16th century by Hernan Cortes), San Juan de Dios Church and the Print Museum.  This tour is geared more towards decorative art lovers and specialists in Colonial art.