Coyoacan Square and Vicinity

This charming area, about 10 kilometers south of downtown Mexico City, feels light years away from the hustle and bustle of Mexico City. We begin our visit at the quaint main square, surrounded by restaurants, book shops and boutiques. The 16th century San Juan Bautista Church on the Hidalgo Plaza is our first stop. From there, we can customize your tour, since there are many sites worth visiting, including the National Museum of Popular Cultures, Conchita Plaza where Hernan Cortes retreated after conquering Mexico City, the neighborhood food and handicraft market, Frida Kahlo’s Blue House where the artist grew up and rendezvoused with famous people such as Andre Breton and Leon Trotsky, and kept her art studio (Frida’s childhood home has been converted into a museum showcasing a vast collection of her personal treasures and writings, while respecting living spaces that she and her famous muralist husband Diego Rivera shared, and where part of the Hollywood movie Frida was filmed), or the Trotsky Museum, where the Soviet ideologist spent his last days in exile and was assassinated.  There is more to do in Coyoacan than a 3 hour tour allows, so you can pick and chose from the many sites the zone has to offer, depending on your interests.