Rebozos, or hand woven shawls dyed with the ikat technique, are typical Mexican garb. This iconic garment is unusual in that it surpasses Mexico’s rigid socio-economic boundaries. Indian women still use them to carry their babies, while the First Lady flaunts her hand-woven silk rebozo at State events as a status symbol!  Rebozos are quite versatile and elegant. They travel well, can perk up anyone’s wardrobe and make a special souvenir or gift.

Tenancingo, nearby Mexico City, is renown for the craftsmanship of its rebozos. We can arrange a visit to several private workshops where you can watch how artisans continue to dye their warps, weave the shawls on pedal looms and finish off these garments by hand-knotting the fringe with specialized macramé stitches.

Rebozos can be purchased directly from the artisans at a great price, no middle-men involved. Once you have learned to identify and appreciate the different qualities of workmanship – ranging from simple synthetic threads woven in solid colors to intricate ikat patterns using natural dyes on cotton or silk (which are fine enough to pass through a ring – we’ll demonstrate this for you) –  you will truly appreciate each and every one and can better select the rebozo of your choice.  Picture taking of this labor-intensive process is welcomed!

This is an unusual tour, providing a unique opportunity to personally meet the proud artisans who continue this very Mexican tradition.