Tenancingo Rebozo Weaving Tour

 Rebozo shawls are such typically Mexican garb. This iconic garment is unusual in that it surpasses Mexico’s rigid socioeconomic boundaries.  Indian women still use them to carry their babies on their backs, while the First Lady flaunts her hand-woven silk shawl at State events as a status symbol!

We can arranged a very special visit to Tenancingo, where several weavers will open the doors of their workshop-homes, showing us how they continue to dye their threads, weave the shawls on pedal looms and hand-knot the fringe with specialized macramé stitches.  At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to purchase rebozo shawls direct from the producers at a great price, no middle men included.  Once you have learned to identify and appreciate the work that goes into making these garments, you will never look at a rebozo the same way!

Picture taking of this labor-intensive process is welcomed!

This is an unusual tour, providing a unique opportunity to personally meet the proud artisans who continue this very Mexican tradition.

Transportation can be provided upon request.