Walking Tour of Santa Maria la Ribera

Santa Maria la Ribera is Mexico City’s very first modern suburb projected back in 1861 on what was previously farmland – hard to believe today!   A well-planned neighborhood, Santa Maria la Ribera was once a posh “colonia,” dotted with parks, markets and urban infrastructure, epitomizing the fashionable times of the Porfirian regime. The zone eventually fell into disrepair as people moved to more upscale neighborhoods and urban sprawl became a reality, yet Santa Maria la Ribera has maintained a certain charm and after all these years has kept up these unexpected landmarks which are well worth the visit.

On this route we’ll be visiting the charming Geology Museum (run by the National University), a contemporary art museum, the stunning Moorish kiosk and a shockingly avant-garde state-of-the-art public library.  Join us as we explore this aging neighborhood, currently on the brink of gentrification.