Soumaya (Plaza Carso or Plaza Loreto)

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim offers two venues where you can enjoy his private art collection.  There is the relatively new, iconic art museum in New Polanco, and his old staple in Plaza Loreto.  Each can be found in very two distinct parts of the City, and depending on your interests and tastes we can arrange to see one of both of these museums.

The museum in highest demand is the Plaza Carso Collection, which contains an eclectic collection of art spans several generations, including the largest Rodin sculptures exhibit outside of France!  We will talk about the building (designed by Slim’s son-in-law, Fernando Romero), the artwork it houses, the newly reinvented neighborhood and Slim himself.  Definitely something you should see, at least from the outside!

The other museum, located in the middle of an old refurbished paper mill, holds another portion of Slim’s pickings – a totally different venue with a totally different feel to it, yet also well worth the trip to the south of the city.   This spot houses his Dali collection, large format Colonial paintings and depending on the temporary exhibit, part of his manuscript collection.