Regina Street Walking Tour

Part of downtown Mexico City’s renewal project, this somewhat off-the-grid pedestrian walkway is not a common destination for the average tourist. Regina Street and its surrounding neighborhood offers quite a few pleasant surprises, including a grass roots museum which focuses on injustices of the government, one of my favorite churches – Regina Coelli, one of the best restaurants in town, and the nearby scale model of Mexico City – one of the largest of its kinds in the world. The newly opened scale model of the city is so accurate that it is closed to the general public several afternoons a week since it is used for urban planning!  With cutting edge technology, and an entire floor dedicated to interactive screens which compare Mexico City with major urban centers around the world, it is a real treat.
The New York Times recently dubbed it “a must” for visitors to the city, yet it is virtually unknown by even locals!  We can schedule a special projection of the model English.  This is a fascinating walk through an area that assimilates the old and new.