Ecological Xochimilco

It is hard to believe that food is still grown using the ancient prehispanic system of chinampas (daub and wattle), or that there are still several navigable channels remaining in Mexico City (given that the greater metropolitan area boasts a population of roughly 22 million people).  Remnants of the complex endorheic lake system which existed prior to the arrival of the Spaniards still remain, and we will prove it on our boat ride.  We will navigate from one of the more remote docks, taking a trip back in time, soaking in an unexpected abundance of nature and wildlife as we will ride through a complex canal system lined with reeds.  We’ll spot the birds (that continue to migrate here annually), and pay a visit to the local farmers who continue to use the ancient prehispanic agricultural system of “chinampas.” This sustainable, often organic, system continues to purvey local markets with fresh leafy greens year round.

Of course, if you would prefer the more lively, colorful, touristy-route, we can also arrange to disembark from one of the busier, “folkloric” docks where mariachis, food vendors and handicrafts vendors hawk their wares from boats, making for a more festive, party-like atmosphere.

Trajinera boats are rented by the hour.