Poliforum, Insurgentes Theater and Diego Rivera’s Studio-Home Museum

If you are a hard core muralist fan, we can visit the world’s largest mural, mastered by David Alfaro Siqueiros.  Some art experts consider this – his last project – to be his masterpiece: over 11,000 square feet (indoors and outdoors) of dramatic artistry. You may like or dislike this controversial artist’s style, but regardless, “The March of Humanity” is breathtaking! From there, we’ll make a quick stop at the Insurgentes Theater to check out Diego Rivera’s outdoor Venetian tile mural completed in the mid 50s, which narrates the history of theater in Mexico from pre-Hispanic to modern times, reading the images that Rivera considered relevant within the framework of Mexican theater.  Our last stop on this route is a visit to what was once Rivera’s private home and studio in San Angel. The epitome of functionalist architecture, built by the artist’s friend, colleague and next door neighbor Juan O’Gorman, the museum is comprised of 3 houses built side by side- one for Diego, the other for his famous artist wife Frida Kahlo (joined by a rooftop bridge, keeping the stormy couple together yet at arm’s distance) and O’Gorman’s prototype home – the first one built there.  Rivera’s actual studio and bedroom remain intact.

We can arrange transportation if necessary.