Dolores Olmedo Museum

The ex-hacienda La Noria, in the south of the city, was once the home of construction mogul Dolores Olmedo.  Today its walls are lined with the largest private collection of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo paintings in the city. (Frida’s work is often on tour, so if the purpose of your visit is solely to see Kahlo paintings, double check with us to be sure they are not on loan.)

Doña Lola was a self-made, savvy business woman and patroness of the arts.  Her extensive collection of prehispanic ceramics, memorabilia reflecting her close relationship with Rivera, a handpicked collection of handicrafts, peacocks and hairless dogs which continue to wander the grounds, live orchids and enormous magueys continue reflect her wealth.

This 3-hour hacienda-museum visit is a must if you are a Diego and Frida fan. Transportation can be arranged upon request.