Dolores Olmedo Museum

Dolores Olmedo was a saavy, self-made business woman ahead of her times and patroness of the arts.  Her ex-hacienda home has been converted into a lovely museum which showcases the largest privately-held collection of easel paintings done by her dear friend Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo.  The museum includes an extensive collection of prehispanic ceramics, memorabilia reflecting her close relationship with Rivera, a hand-picked collection of handicrafts and a gallery for temporary exhibits.

Peacocks and hairless dogs wander the extensive hacienda grounds (the xolotzcuintles are descendants of Diego and Frida’s hairless dogs), graced with orchids, enormous magueys and exotic plants.

This 3 hour hacienda visit is a must if you are a Diego and Frida fan. Transportation can be arranged upon request.