Anthropology Museum – Left Wing

One of the most impressive museums of its type worldwide, the National Museum of Anthropology highlights the prehispanic cultures inhabiting Mesoamerica prior to the arrival of the Spaniards.  Our tour begins with a brief overview of this stellar museum, before we begin to explore the left wing of the ground floor, narrating the story of the peoples who inhabited Mexico thousands of years ago as reflected in their pottery, stone carvings, wood, paper, metal, bone and shell artifacts.  We’ll discuss how the ancient settlers lived, ate and viewed the world, their sociopolitical organization, their religious beliefs plus much more.

Highlights of this tour include the gigantic Olmec heads from the Gulf Coast, the treasures stumbled upon in King Pakal’s tomb, the intricate artistry of Oaxacan tradesmen and the northern and western cultures.

Please note: We provide three alternate tours to the Anthropology Museum.  The Left Wing, the Right Wing or a third, comprehensive overview of the museum, depending on your interest and time constraints. Please, see the descriptions of the other two Anthropology Museum Tours to be sure to select what is appropriate for you. These tours can be combined in one day, or offered on consecutive mornings or afternoons, allowing anthropology lovers to savor this unique collection.

Approximately 3 hours